Finding of Eriosyce aspillagae in habitat

The last 31 of december 2005, with a couple of friend we went to the beach, a place called Matanzas.
Camping near the edge of the cliffs we found a big population of Eriosyce aspillagae. Most of the plants was beginning to sink in the earth, specially in this dry summer.
They are in danger, because the cliffs are falling by the water erosion and many animals step on them.

Here is Daniela and Enrique (and Florencia). This couple found the plants. But they dont knew the name nor either the botanical importance. They took one plant, and when I saw it at their house immediately I thought: ¡¡ASPILLAGAE!!

"Stem dark green, at first flattened later more globular, freely caespitose forming clumps; few ribs, depressed or notched between the areoles, forming tubercles with impressed lines around."

"Areoles round to oval, with white wool, later naked, on lower part of plant more linear and sunken; spines white tipped darker, later grey, radials thin, needlelike, centrals thicker, straight to curved, longer in older plants."